Stressing 😁😁

Stressed man ako sa inyong paningin. Maganda parin. Walang ibidensiya pero hindi talaga halata.

Well. I have this questions in my mind. What comes after the rain? Rainbow? Sunshine? Or clouds? I think it doesnt matter. What matter the most is how you made your day. Make everyday beautiful and productive. If there’s only two choices. To be happy or to be love. I choose to be love, love everything surrounds you. And by this. You will be happy. But what if the one you love doesnt love you. Is it still reasonable to lovw again? Again and again. Love always. Accept the fact that you deserve someone special and better than what you think you love.

Is it ok if i am going to put standards?

Well, as long as you know your worth, maybe you deserved to choose and be choosed. Standards is just a measures of value of one specific person. But your heart is unpredictable, you will and you might fall to a person who is not really qualified to your standards. And believe me. One of 10 sets of standards, isa lang doon ang maipasa niya sayo. For sure. You will love that person passionately. At madalas, sa standards mo. Doon ka pa masasaktan.

Author: oppaojefu

Someone Invisible β€’ No cares β€’No one Listen β€’ Dont have feelings but have concern β€’ Sometimes typoon, sometimes humid, sometimes did not exist.

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